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Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner will be your guide and ‘kumu’ (teacher) ensuring you have a wonderful, thoughtful and educational experience or ‘Aʻo’ (to learn).

Chris has lived in Hawaii for over 44 years & knows the hidden beaches, hikes, local restaurants and historical venues so you not only experience ‘his’ Oahu but learn along the way. Chris is a surfer, paddler, swimmer, diver, fisherman, bow hunter & lives a ‘waterman’ lifestyle.

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His passion for the historic sites of Pearl Harbor & knowledge of the ‘Battle for the Pacific’ will inspire you to reflect on the current geo-political situations of the World. He will share his knowledge of the December 7th, 1941 attack so that you not only know why but how the attack happened.

You will be given insight into the minds of the Japanese Imperial forces & leaders of the ‘Rising Sun’ war planners. You will learn all about ‘Kidō Butai’ and ‘Hakkō ichiu’ which are Japanese phrases describing the attack planning & ideology of the Japanese society pre-attack.

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Chris is a former professional surfer & has surfed and competed in the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern oceans.

Having traveled throughout the world searching for surf, Chris offers a unique perspective on Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, island history and legends.

After living and traveling all over the world, this son of a ‘Pan American Airways’ pilot, Chris & his family settled on the North Shore of Oahu.

Chris continues to explore the Pacific & Oceania for perfect waves, diving and to learn more about other cultures.

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