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COVID-19: We are not accepting reservations until the State of Hawaii, Pearl Harbor National Memorial & the City of Honolulu allows tours on Oahu. Please feel free to call if you have questions at 808-372-8885. Mahalo & be safe & Pono…

At Chris Gardner Hawaii we provide Premium VIP Tours and transfer service on Oahu.

Join our executive tours with a passionate ‘kamaʻāinaʻ (local) guide who loves to share the Island with guests.

We also create custom tours suited to the needs of our clients.

Call Chris at 808-372-8885.

The history of Hawaii will be shared ensuring that guests understand the Kingdom of Hawaii, the overthrow of Queen Liliokalani & how the islands became the ‘melting pot’ of the world.

We will delve deeply into the Moʻolelo (history) of Hawaii.

You will learn about the geography, botany & zoology of the ‘Sandwich Isles’.

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You will learn about Hawaii’s undersea world & discuss the tropical fish, reef and mammals that bless our ‘kai’ (oceans).

We will cover how the original Hawaiians came to the archipelago, western contact & even discuss present day society and politics.

We will discuss sugar, pineapple and the huge affect commercial agriculture had and continues to have on Hawaii. You will finish the tour knowing about Hawaii just as if you were born at the Queens Hospital.

Hoolau Mountains

Our Premium Black 2019 Four-Wheel drive ʻWi Fi’ enabled SUV will be reserved for your party only; we do not mix guests.

We have room for 6 passengers (4 with luggage) and Chris will be your guide on each and every trek.

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