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PEARL HARBOR TOURS are on hold until January 2023

This 3 hour tour will include the lead up to the attack, the day of the attack & the ramifications post attack. We will discuss the Battle for the Pacific and talk about the surrender of the Japanese Imperial forces and the rebuilding of the Empire of Japan by the allies. World War 2 in Europe will be an essential part of the discussion.

We will discover just why America’s ally (Japan) decided to attack Pearl Harbor. We will dive into the history of Japan & it’s aggression into China, Manchuria and Indochina.

Chris is able to relate the story of the attack on Pearl Harbor even to youngsters.

We can extend this to include the Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial program are not guaranteed with this tour. We will attempt to book tickets but we can not promise that tickets will be available. The USS Arizona Memorial is a sacred and solemn venue and as such Chris will not be speaking during the visit in the park. Out of respect for the other visitors and men who served at Pearl Harbor we do not accompany guests on this portion of the tour. Chris will be able to accompany guests to the other venues.



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Pearl Harbor Tours

The Pearl Harbor Experience
Spend your day at the Pearl Harbor’s museums and memorials. This Tour features a full explanation of why the Japanese attacked, how they attacked and ramifications of the attack.

Best Pearl Harbor tour

Battleship Missouri Memorial
Touring the Missouri Battleship of World War II is an exciting way to experience American history and explore one of Oahu’s most famous attractions!


Pearl Harbor Tour Important Information

  • Moderate walking is required, please wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately. Keep in mind that the venue is a memorial and as such we ask that we dress with respect to the men who are interned in the USS Arizona.
  • You may wish to bring a light jacket in case it rains.
  • Due to security requirements at the USS Arizona Memorial, bags and purses are not allowed. Bags cannot be stored in our SUV or at the bag storage kiosk for a nominal fee.
  • Cameras are permitted but not camera bags. Strollers are not allowed in the movie theater, on the Navy shuttle boat to the USS Arizona Memorial, or on the USS Arizona Memorial.
  • Locations/routes and times may be modified or restricted due to national park and state park advisories
  • We will first be given a tour by the expert staff of the USS Missouri. Then we can explore the bridge & deck 2!
  • Tickets for the Arizona Memorial Program are not guaranteed.
  • Tickets for the USS Missouri, The USS Bowfin & the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum are not supplied with this tour.

What is the best time for the Pearl Harbor Tour?

  • The morning tours are the most ideal.
  • During the high seasons, there can be long lines. However, if you take the earliest tour at 8:00 a.m. you should not have any problems.

Do I get to board the Memorial?

  • Yes, you will watch a 23 minute movie on the attack & then board a Navy launch to the Arizona Memorial.
  • Chris will not join you on this part of the tour as the memorial is a place of contemplation & reflection best experienced in silence.
  • We can also drive thru the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Punchbowl crater just above Honolulu.

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